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Why Personal Training software is a must for your online PT business

Between messy Spread Sheets for workouts, boring PDFs for meal plans, back-and-forth texting from your personal cell, and sending unprofessional invoices as money requests.…the list goes on and on when it comes to managing your online personal trainer business. Most fitness trainers are lacking with the execution of their programs. This is where your personal training software steps in. Personal trainer software is the key to success in online training. You can make it a full-time career and a fully automated service for both amazing client transformations and high customer satisfaction.

Here is why personal trainer software is a must-have in your fitness business!

Organized & Automated Programming

manage client with personal training software

Say goodbye to those messy spreadsheets, with personal training software, you can easily create and upload step-by-step workout routines for your clients to follow! You can design custom workouts or choose from prebuilt programs, so you don’t have to spend time answering detailed questions about how to do each exercise.

Real-Time Feedback, Data, and Analytics

Track data with personal training software

It is easier to track and measure the progress of each client at your fingertips. All workouts, habits, body stats, messages, and compliance can be monitored in real-time with data-driven feedback. Instead of relying on before and after photos to show progress, trainers can provide tangible proof of program effectiveness week-by-week or month-by-month. Storing all client information in one place eliminates the need for multiple folders on your computer while helping you stay organized.

Accountability & Check-ins
Check in forms on personal training software

With PT software, you can communicate with your clients efficiently and reduce back-and-forth texting. Being an online personal training coach your biggest struggle is ensuring that your client faces no problems while working out, and communication is the key. You can directly address queries regarding directly over fitness apps and have a better and more professional line of communication open for your clients. You can even check in on their progress via the fitness app and monitor their progress closely.

Increase your client base

Invite new clients on personal training software

Being a fitness professional, you’re as busy as it gets. Managing your client base by assigning workouts and diets is only limited by your messy spreadsheets. It provides you with the liberty of increasing your client base by automating your process and helping you free your bandwidth to focus on getting more clients to increase the revenue stream for your personal training business. 

What is that one-stop shop you may be asking yourself? 



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