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How to sell your personal training business online in 5 Easy Steps

As fitness professionals, your job is to understand what each prospective client wants and how your personal training programs can help them achieve their goals. Nobody likes a pushy salesman, because, when it comes down to it, in the art of learning how to sell your personal training business online, you need to connect with your clients and offer them value for their money.  

This article breaks down how to sell your personal trainer business in a ‘non-sales way’ in 5 easy steps.

Step One: Identify your High Ticket Program

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To build your personal training business online, identify your high-ticket program. What is that 1 type of pain point you can solve via your program? To find the best program for yourself, consider the people with whom you have worked in past. What was that one common pain point you were able to solve for them? Who had the best relationships and for whom you have delivered the best results & understood their pain points in depth?

Step Two: Build a Sales Funnel 

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Once you have figured out your high-ticket program it all comes down to building a sales funnel for your personal trainer business. Through your marketing channels, you’ll build a sales funnel (or pool of incoming leads) within your target market so that you always have potential clients in your back pocket at any given time.  There are various channels you can use such as ex-client, referrals, outbounds from social media, etc. 

Step Three: Get them on a free consultation call 

Consultation call with personal training clients

Offering a free consultation is a great way to get people into your sales funnel and gather information about what they may be looking for in a personal training plan. The consultation phase is an essential step because it allows you to understand your potential client’s fitness goals and what they want to achieve from fitness coaching. Knowing this helps you better match your services to their need and get quality clients for your personal trainer business.

Step Four: Understanding the prospect 

Understanding your personal training client

Asking questions is arguably the most important step in the sales process because it allows you to gather information on what your potential client needs. Clients come to us for many reasons. For example, to lose weight, feel healthier, etc. Your job is to uncover each client’s motivation so you can better help them understand the value proposition of your offer. Great initial questions to ask are:  

How many times a week do you plan to train?  

What do you hope to achieve from regular training sessions? 

Based on their answers, together, you can start to explore which personal training package will help them get to where they want to be.

Step Five: Upsell your personal trainer business

Once your potential client agrees to sign up for your program, don’t miss an opportunity to upsell. For example, if you offer meal plans ask if they have an interest in those too. You can always build packages that offer a discount when they buy both.

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