How to Generate Leads For Your Personal Training Business


How to Generate Leads For Your Personal Training Business


As a personal trainer, your clients are the most important part of your business. You want to help them reach their goals and be successful, but the process of how to get more clients can be intimidating. We have distilled everything you require to grow your online personal training business. From finding the right clients to building your online presence. Let’s scale up your personal trainer busines and use these strategies to attract more clients. 


Finding the right clients for your personal trainer business

Finding the right clients

To generate leads for your online personal training business, create a sharp focus and target a specific set of customers. You have to position yourself as an authority or a specialist for that 1 kind of customer to deliver consistent results. This will enable you to price your program at a high ticket price and attract customers that are actively searching for services in your niche.  To find the best positioning for yourself, consider the people with whom you have had the best relationships and for whom you have delivered the best results & really understood their pain points in depth. 

Tap into the true potential of social media 

use social media for leads


Social media is essential for your personal trainer business to reach your potential clients. With the average person spending 2.5 hours a day on social platforms, it’s easy to see why having an active presence on these channels can be beneficial for trainers. 

Not only does it give potential customers the opportunity to find you, but your expertise will come across in your posts which could make a great impression. The most popular social media platforms for fitness professionals are Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is incredibly visual so people can easily message you directly through the DMs. At the same time, Facebook has one of the largest audiences available and offers trainers a chance at organic discovery by potential customers.

Build your own personal trainer website 

build your fitness website


Building a website is a great way to market your personal trainer business, attract new clients, and build your brand. In a sea of generic gyms and personal trainers, you can establish yourself in a position of authority by showcasing your expertise on your website. You can use your site to highlight your unique training style, share testimonials from happy clients, and showcase before-and-after photos of your transformative work. 

Your website is like your online business card. It’s where the people who find you on social media will go to learn more. It provides potential clients with important information such as your contact information, your bio, your training packages, and your prices.  

Write articles for fitness magazines and blogs 

fitness blogs and magazines


You can position yourself as an expert by writing fitness magazines and blogs specific to your city, region, or country. Each article you write is perfect content for your social media channels and newsletters, plus, you’ll be able to introduce yourself to an audience full of your ideal target audiences for your personal trainer business

Take some time to find the right publication, editor, and topic, then reach out and introduce yourself. Tell the editor what fitness-related topic you’re interested in exploring, and why you think their audience will care. (Make sure to include a bit of information about your expertise, too!) Soon, you’ll have a ton of valuable bylines and proof that you’re an expert worth training with. 

Offer support through your training app 

fitness training app


Many individuals are interested in online training but are unsure or intimidated, so they need a little push to get started. You can give potential clients that exact push by offering accessibility and support through a fitness app. 

Having a personalized training app will definitely give you an edge in your personal trainer business. You’ll also want to use some of your time to walk them through the app and show them what a training program could look like, and how convenient and flexible their training experience can be with you as their coach.

How TrainerGoesOnline can help tap into your true potential?

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